Sunday, September 25, 2011

Splat Cat

 gave us the first line


A fellow was going to bat
And the ball was Jemima the cat.
As she flew through the air
She screeched 'Hey! That's not fair!
I don't really want to go 'Splat!'


Where is this plaque? I've forgotten.
But it must have caught my eye
While strolling in a park one day,
And simply passing by.
A bit of Lewis Carrol,
That master of the fey,
That writer of the impossible,
The Writer of his day.
It struck me as almost 'Irish',
The conversation recorded,
And yet it's utterly sensible,
And I, mentally, applauded.
It seems they've attached it to a bench;
That's where we should sit and dream
Of the wonderful world of 'Alice'
Where nothing is as it may seem.

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