Monday, September 12, 2011


A wordle

We were given the words in blue and asked to create a poem.


'Dignity' , an old-time word that now we rarely hear.
The here and now demand a different view.
Life has become too urgent, pandemonium too near,
 Everything is bold and brash and new.
We scrape a living, build a life, as the world goes roaring past.
Everything is jolt and cut and thrust.
We line our pockets, pass our tests, as everything moves fast,
Forgetting simple things like truth and trust.
Turn back the clock for just a while, move at a slower pace;
Forget each crass and crazed celebrity.
And concentrate on words like 'gentle', 'cordial' and 'grace'
And try to fill this life with dignity.



Concert over; patrons out.
Satisfaction? Without a doubt.
See them exit down the stairs
In little groups, in ones, in pairs.
Bodies as far as the eye can see;
Off to get a cup of tea.
'Loved the Enigma Variations'
'Great conductor! What gyrations!'
'Stravinsky? Rather over my head;
Much preferred the Strauss instead.'
'Rather warm in the Concert Hall!'
'Enjoy yourself?' 'I had a ball!'
In our city by the sea
We enjoy our
'Tea and Symphony'!


Kay L. Davies said...

"Tea and symphony" is wonderful, Brenda.
You did a super job of the blue words. Makes me wonder what I could do with a wordle. Looks quite difficult. Maybe I should check out the site.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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keiths ramblings said...

How do you do it? Brilliant.

Susannah said...

I really enjoyed both. :-)

I loved what you did with this weeks wordle words, a wonderful message put across so well.

Anonymous said...

You ironed the wrinkles out of that wordle. You are either a great writer or we simply think alike. Hey, maybe both.

brenda w said...

I love the wordle, and have often said if reincarnation is real, I hope it goes backwards in time, so that I could be born in simpler days. The pacing of the piece is tight...I was rushing through life, and then the wish to turn back the clock. It was great how you tied it back to dignity again at the end.

vivinfrance said...

I'm late coming to read this, but I'm very glad I did. The wordle is superble - an apposite indictment of modern life.

And your tea and symphony is an absolute gem.