Friday, September 23, 2011



All was noisy, all was chatter,
Conversation, knife on platter.
All was colour, all was light;
Garden sunshine glowing bright.
Technological transformation!
Gone the sound and animation!
Now they're still, as on a frieze.
Clever little cameras, these!



To see distant shores
He climbs, higher, ever higher.
His tree trunk is a swaying mast and he is set fair.

Yesterday was a glorious Spring day. My little theatrical troupe went to entertain a small Church gathering. We performed  our silly little Pirate melodrama, in which all the songs are parodies of sea-shanties etc, and there was a lot of laughter. Afterwards we were treated to home-made soup for lunch.

Here are Olwyn, Yvonne, Bebe and Lorreta enjoying a pre-show cup of tea.

Jamuna and I are also in this garden shot.

The roses were beautiful but everyone declares this is the best season ever for wisteria. 

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Kay L. Davies said...

Wish your troupe could entertain at my church, but I suspect the travel expenses would be quite beyond our small congregation.
Looks like you had a grand time, plenty of rosy smiles amidst the roses.
And the boy in the tree, looking out to sea, reminds me of my childhood. We had plenty of trees to climb, and vivid imaginations.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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