Tuesday, September 13, 2011


supplied the illustration


Fences, once so firm and stout,
Keeping in and keeping out,
Fences, once so tall and strong,
Holding things where they belong,
They will crumble, they will rust,
They will fall into the dust.
Every human edifice
Will end like this, will end like this.



Keepsakes indicate a life
Collected in one place upon a shelf.
A child, a daughter, and a loving wife,
Gathering lovingkindness to herself.
I see the knicknacks and the trinkets there,
The memorabilia of so many years.
I hear an echo of a time more fair;
I hear an echo of a time of tears.
A lifetime is condensed in what we see;
The value lies in golden memories,
The treasures of the days that used to be
And smiles when lost in gentle reveries.


Kay L. Davies said...

My mother had a knicknack shelf like that, but when my brothers moved Mom and Dad from Vancouver Island to the mainland, it seems the shelf didn't come with them. I was so disappointed. However, I have a corner shelf Dad made for Mom when I was a teenager.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Bubba said...

I feel pretty rusty myself some days - LOL! Thanks for joining in!