Saturday, September 24, 2011

Intelligent Conversation

gave us the first line


Are you seriously ordering another martini!'
Why not! The last one was only teeny.
What about the other six that went before?
Why am I lying on the floor?
I didn't come here to be embarrassed.
And I am sick of being harassed.
I've only been drinking lemon juice.
I'm trying to get up but it's no use.
Some first date this has proved to be!
I don't think you came in here with me.
Everyone warned me that you were a slob.
Are you one of the Clancy mob?
Good Heavens! You've even forgotten my name.
If you're forgettable I'm not to blame.
Are you seriously ordering another martini?
Only if you take off your bikini!



A clown went and swallowed our Max!
And it isn't as though we were lax!
We were drinking our coffee (oh how much a sip meant!)
While Max was off playing on all the equipment!
We lingered a while over slices of cake,
But we didn't neglect the child! For heavens sake!
He was running around! He was shouting 'Yippee!'
And he was enjoying his life at age three!
We started to chat when the titbits were downed
Saying 'Isn't it great to see Max running round'.
Then we looked at the children that swooped down the slide,
And not one was Max! So he'd run off to hide!
It was then that we saw him, not west, north or south,
But right there inside an enormous red mouth!
'Please don't eat our Maxie!' we begged of the clown,
'Please don't chew him and bite him and swallow him down!
So the big clown relented and Maxie got free.
A day of adventure, I think you'll agree!


Deborah said...

Your Saturday Centus is brilliant LOL, I didn't see it in Jenny Matlocks linky? Pop it in there so everyone can enjoy it :o)
(I love your label at the bottom ... you been spying on me! hehe)

21 Wits said...

Oh this is just a great time at the Saturday Centus this week. Your conversation is so interesting and again I feel like just hopping in on it too! Nice photos!

Judie said...

I might have known you'd come up with something to put the rest of us to shame!!! Brava!!!!

cj Schlottman said...

Your use of descriptive dialogue is wonderful! I could see the scene in my mind like a movie.

Great Centus.


To the Toy Box and Beyond said...

great convo... that clown is scary

Kat said...

Wow, that was some first (and I assume last) date! Nice, natural dialogue, this was a fun one.

Dazee Dreamer said...

wow, poem in dialog form. well done.

Tgoette said...

Wow! Ingenious stuff! Well done!

Jenny said...

Wow. I think you win the prize (not that there actually is one, though, sorry) for original takes on this prompt!

I almost took this like a 'thought' conversation...I can see someone wanting to say those things and just thinking them really, really hard!

I liked the second poem, too!

Thanks for sharing both.