Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In the Mall

has asked us to use the words
'omission, backward and ease'

When we had that conversation, 
The casual one in the mall,
I didn't tell you I felt fine
Not missing you at all.
We talked in a stilted manner
About our daily lives,
No nasty innuendos,
No sticking-in of knives.
I asked about your mother;
You asked about my trip;
I said I was very busy;
We didn't make one slip.
We didn't remind each other 
Of the very last time we'd met;
Of the screaming accusations
That I know I don't forget.
We didn't mention the anguish
That we both were thinking of;
We didn't even hint at
That terrible thing called love.
I didn't mention Josie,
You didn't mention Ben.
Although they were so important
Way back, way back when.....
Both of us pretended
To be quite at our ease,
As though we'd just erased them,
The awful memories.
There were no backward glances,
No sentiment at all.
We were completely natural,
When I met you in the mall.
There was that one omission
So an apology's due.......
I didn't say 'I no longer love you.'
How could I? It isn't true.



Albert Einstein said it, now others say it's true!
Here is our little planet! A bright little ball of blue.
It's floating in a universe which, seemingly, never ends,
But here's the really startling bit...... it's a universe which bends!
I find it hard to credit, and, for sure, the proofs seem few,
But people, cleverer than me, say that it is true!
It's driving me right round the bend, even thinking about it!
But if Albert Einstein said it's true, who am I to doubt it?
for a great prize.


I haven't published many photos recently. After my computer broke down and was then repaired I couldn't get ShrinkPic up and running and I didn't want to be shrinking 'pics' manually all the time. By 
the way, if you haven't used ShrinkPic it's a great boon. ( I haven't got shares in it.) Quite a few things have been happening but I'll catch-up with them on my monthly Rinkly Report at the end of the month.

However, yesterday evening was worthy of report. One of our Book Group members has a daughter who has recently had a book published, and she came to talk to us. We were very squashed in our little lounge room, but we had a fascinating evening, asking Jeanette (who writes under the name 'Jaye Ford') about the writing of her book 'Beyond Fear'. She talked in a delightfully animated way about her years (literally) of frustration and her present success. There is now even talk of a film being made in Hollywood, so felt we were in 'a presence'!

This was Jeanette chatting to us.

And this was me off to the kitchen to make everyone a cup of tea or coffee. You can see how the other members are fascinated by what Jeanette was saying!



Laurie Kolp said...

A chance encounter at the mall which revives old feelings... depicted perfectly!

Springcycle said...

Your poems never disappoint. And this one, with its sting in the tail is no exception.

Bethe77 said...

Visiting from three word Wednesday and I just love the Mall. It was a wonderful write. It has captured so much of what happens when we run into those lost loves of the past.

Sheilagh Lee said...

lovely poems both of them.

Daydreamertoo said...

So sad to have things left 'unsaid' especially in matters of the heart and if the love is still there too.
Your 'In the Mall' prose is so vivid, I felt the sadness.
There's so much we still have yet to learn about space and time. It'll never be figured out in our lifetimes either, sad to say.
Two lovely pieces.

Janet Lingel Aldrich said...

That's a true poem, and sad. We tear each other apart without even thinking of it and regret it when it's too late. Well done.

Berowne said...

Intelligent, creative, moving -- you have quite a talent, Mme Rimes!

Margaret said...

Both are really wonderful, but the first one really grips the heartstrings. Nicely done, as usual.

Kay L. Davies said...

The first poem was going along so swimmingly, Brenda, with both people being civilized, until the apology broke my heart.
And as for the universe bending, how can it? I can't, so why should it?
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Unknown said...

Wow! You told an epic tale with this one, and did so with no maudlin drivel. Really well done.