Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Behold a knick-knackatory!
Shown here in all its glory.
Part of a great collection,
Spreading in each direction.
If knick-knacks do it for you
And never, never bore you,
A room like this must delight you,
And other like-minds must fight you
For every piece of china
From every obscure designer.
Lots of this memorabilia
Simply could not be sillier
But sometimes there's a find
Which simply blows your mind.
You scour the markets daily,
Wasting your money gaily,
Hoping to find a knick or knack
That makes you the leader of the pack.
You'll build a knick-knackatory
And bask in reflected glory.

                                            Gerald Gee


Half-way between the mountains
Half-way to the sky,
The centre-piece stands proudly.
And watches the world go by.

It being the School Holidays at present (the end of Term Three), grandparenting is on the go. We had Greg's two little boys for a Sleepover on Monday night, and Rebecca brought Blake over, because she doesn't see as much of her nephews as she'd like to these days. The boys and Rebecca all enjoyed a game of 'Bother' and then we all had supper together. Here they all are enjoying a colouring session.At the appointed time both little boys went to bed like lambs and slept right through till 6.45 am. I'd expected to have to get up at dawn!

Next day we went into the Museum, by bus. I love this shot of the two cousins. Blake and Max, sitting together on the bus. Max apes Blake's every move!

And here they are enjoying one of our new Museum's child-friendly experiments. The mother and daughter on the right were not with us.

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