Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Song of the Gold-Digger


(To the tune of 'Hey Look Me Over!')

Hey look me over!/ I’ve got it made!/ Romping in clover!/ Call a spade a spade/ I’ll have the lolly! / I’ll have the dosh!/ And all of the mud that is on my skirt will come out in the wash!/ And I’ll be up like a rainbow,/ Bright as the sun!/ I’ll see the rain go, / I’ll be number one!/ With a little bit more of the ‘how’s your father’ I’ll escape this slum! / So look out World here I come!/

Hey look at me, folks!/ I’ll get the cash!/ Won’t mess with poor blokes! / I shall be so flash!/ I’ll wear the satin. I’ll wear the silk/ And I‘ll have a servant to scrub me back when I bathe in asses milk!/ For I’ll be up with the nobs, girls,/ Drinking champagne!/ No dirty jobs, girls,/ Working is a pain!/ When you've got all your curves in the chosen places wasting them is dumb!/ So look out World here I come!/



'Does the road wind uphill all the way?'
The voice of the speaker is rasping;
'How long? How long?' he tries to say,
But his breaths are short and gasping.
'Yes, up-hill all the way to the skies,
For ever and ever as well.
Before you, see the mountain rise!
Sisyphus, you are in Hell!
The gods will not be derided!
You tricked us and that will not do!
Your punishment has been decided!
Every day you will suffer anew!
See this boulder, perched just a bit higher!
You must push it away as you climb!
If not, then your fate will be dire!
You must push till the ending of time!
'Does the road wind up-hill all the way?'
'Yes! And this is your Judgement Day!'

for a great prize.


Kay L. Davies said...

"Hey, Look Me Over" isn't too old for me, Brenda. I can even remember strutting around to that tune when I had some stuff to strut. Made my family and friends laugh, though. I can't imagine why.
Well done, I love the way it's very obviously Aussie.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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SquirrelQueen said...

I have heard 'Hey Look Me Over'! I like your song, I am imagining it sung with a Cockney accent!

Poor Sisyphus, he is still pushing the boulder up that eternal hill.