Thursday, September 29, 2011




Do what you think right.
Dare to choose the other road,
If need be, alone.


I'm probably talking through my hat
And, no doubt, I'll be knocked flat;
High Finance is a mystery
For elderly grannies such as me.
But financial affairs are in such a mess
That the whole world is suffering stress
And just another hair-brained idea
Doesn't matter there or here.
If Country A owes to Country B
And the debt's moved on to country C,
And Country D is then in line
To pay up or receive a fine,
And Country E is getting fretful,
Because some countries are forgetful,
And Country F points at C and D
And says 'That cash belongs to me!'
And Country Z, right at the end
Thinks 'Shall I borrow or shall I lend?'
And everyone's getting in a huddle
Sorting-out the dreadful muddle....
Why can't we simply wipe the slate,
Return things to an earlier date
When a country's finances were its own
And all this rigmarole unknown.
Let's just say ' Forgive the lot!
Every Country keep what it's got!
At the stroke of twelve (or ten or two)
What you've got belongs to you.'
Of course my system would be unfair.
 There'd be winners and losers, but I don't care.
Some would benefit, some would lose
And nobody could pick and choose.
OK The Books would be in a mess;
OK there'd be unhappiness.
But everybody is going to suffer
If this 'rough patch' gets any rougher!
With things as they are for one and all
We're robbing Peter and paying Paul,
But Peter and Paul are one and the same,
Both are guilty, both to blame;
The ribbons are tangled in the Maypole Dance.....
Ireland, America, Russia, France.
Let's cancel it all and start again,
Making up our minds that the present pain
Is too unbearable to repeat!
Or else we'll ALL be admitting defeat.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed and agree with both the Haiku and longer poem. Interesting for discussion ~~ would make life simplier, unison with less greed ...

"what a novel idea"!! :-)

ShonEjai said...

Both poem are beautifully written. Excellent work!

miamibeachapartments said...

Enjoyed and agree with both the Haiku and longer poem. Interesting for discussion ~

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

I like the "if need be, alone" line a lot. Thought provoking and empowering!