Sunday, September 25, 2011


A Wordle

We have to use all the words above

Modern life makes me jumpy!
My antennae always quiver
Whenever someone approaches me;
Will they say 'Stand and deliver!'?
I never used to be like this!
It's the News on the TV
That makes a real-life drama
Out of something imaginary.
I can be strolling innocently,
Or stopping for a chat,
When someone happens to jostle me
And I jump...'Hey! What was that?'
It's always accidental;
A passer-by who's stumbled.
Apologies are offered
And an acceptance mumbled.
If I stand outside a shop
With my purse clutched in my hand
And a sudden motion alerts me.....
Is it a heist that's planned?
Occasionally a move, a look
Can make me feel alert;
Is there going to be an accident?
Will somebody get hurt?
Too many police dramas
And too much late-night news
Have conspired to make me a nervous wreck.
I'd like to know your views.



I found them lying, cast aside, behind a market stall;
Pieces of wood with holes in them! They made no sense at all!
They made me think of old stale cheese, though I realised I was wrong!
But what could be the use of them? Where could they belong?
I puzzled for a moment over my bits of wood
But, in the end, I shrugged and said 'Well, the shadow's pretty good!


brenda w said...

I can relate to your jumpiness. Sadly, mine gets worse as I age. As for my views about television ...I can tell you that my family tells me I watch too many crime dramss. Sometimes they pop up in my dreams, too.

Excellent, thought-provoking write.

Mary said...

I am not particularly jumpy, but not foolhardly. What always makes me a bit nervous is when I am with my almost-four-year-old granddaughter in mega store (too big now to ride in a cart), and she steps away from me for a bit (purposely, as four year olds do, and I call her and she momentarily doesn't come. I think this is my worst fear..panicking me within seconds... that someone would snatch HER.

Laurie Kolp said...

I think the state of the world exacerbated by the news plus the growth of instantaneous communication contributes to jumpiness. Good one.

Mike Patrick said...

LOL. I love what you did to the wordle words.

Welcome to my world. I also saw your precarious worries in the wordles and made them real. There was something in Viv's words that brought out the sinister side of our imaginations.

Margaret Gosden said...

I do like the symmetry of both your found shadow shot and rime. Your photo is worth your signature - are you not proud of it?

Peggy said...

I realize the world is full of dangers, but long ago I consciously decided I would only worry about things if the worry would do some good. I think over the years I have gotten pretty good at pulling a veil over those things. Ah but then sometimes the veil quivers! Interesting place you went with this wordle.

Susannah said...

I thought your wordle was a really great use of the words.

I agree, too much watching news and TV shows puts us in a wary state and breeds fear.

Nicely done posts and I love the photo. :-)

Traci B said...

Terrific use of the wordle! I don't watch a lot of news for that very reason, but I do like my crime/forensics dramas, and I must admit that sometimes I get an adrenaline rush over what turns out to be nothing at all because I'm expecting something like an NCIS episode when the stranger asking for directions really is just a stranger asking for directions. :)

Most of those dramas play out in my dreams rather than my waking life though, so it's all good.

cathy said...

Lol when somebody touches me and I didn't see them, I do a pretty good job that usually makes them feel bad.

did a good with the words,