Wednesday, September 14, 2011




A letter and a number, and a message lies therein;
It says to us 'Just Be One and then you're bound to win'.
It's promoting mind over matter, and all that sort of guff,
But, believe me, imagination is never quite enough.
Throughout my dumpy, awkward years I longed to excel at sport,
Thinking I could 'B1' through the power of positive thought.
As a ball came hurtling to me I'd think 'I know I can!'
Saving the team from ignominy, that was my earnest plan.
I longed to be the heroine whom everyone applauded;
I longed to get a trophy and be universally lauded.
But the ball slipped through my fingers, or whizzed straight past my ear,
And all I heard was a soulful groan not a long and adoring cheer!
I'd admire the local athletes and think 'I can B1 too!'
But it was always obvious that I hadn't got a clue.
And the more I tried the more I failed! Till I often lay in bed
Thinking of the playing-field and wishing I were dead.
The Power of Positive Thinking can only go so far.
If you haven't got the equipment you can never be a star.
I soon gave up the struggle, knowing I could never 'B1',
And since then I've found a million things that give me much more fun.



I have lived through a time of change.
But, even 'then' it seemed quite strange
That Whites, in South Africa, like me,
Looking down on Black society,
Should make it part of their life-style plan
To get a dark and glowing tan!
Brown skin is beautiful, and the answer
To getting sun-spots and skin cancer!
Not only that, but that brown glow
Doesn't let the age-spots show!
'White' skin doesn't pass the test!
I now affirm that
Brown is Best!

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jabblog said...

BU I say - and you are!
Yes, brown is best - or, failing that, stay out of the sun!