Monday, September 12, 2011

The Pleading

'The Revenant' by Andrew Wyeth.

supplied the picture and the idea.


I beg you, let me go.
We loved so long ago;
While you still live below.
I hover here.
Your longing holds me tight,
And yet the threads are slight,
I've gone beyond delight;
Beyond a tear.

Now what I long for most
Is freedom as a ghost,
And yet you daily boast
That love lives on.
Each time you sigh my name
In an eternal claim
It always is the same......
I can't be gone.

Accept that I am dead
And learn to live instead.
Break the unwanted thread
And let me fly.
Our love was of the earth,
Now it's of little worth;
Re-discover joy and mirth.
And let me die.

I long to pass the screen
You force to lie between
Freedom and love that's been
In our lost youth.
Embrace reality;
Don't sob and sigh for me,
I'm yearning to be free;
That is the truth.

I'm bored with my present state.
Unfinished! That's my fate,
And yet you recreate
Me every day!
By longing for the kiss
Which I no longer miss
You keep me from my bliss
And I must stay.

A revenant's fate is mine.
Please do not weep and pine
Love may have been divine
But say goodbye.
Then I may be set free
To be what I should be,
A thing of mystery.
Please let me die!
* A Revenant is an animated corpse!


Triangularly regimented, see them in a line,
Waiting for better weather, when the sun is sure to shine.
Bar Beach is 'the beach next-door', a pleasant stroll away,
Great for a Sunday pastime, while the weather's cool and grey.
But, come the Summer weather, everyone will be competing
For the pleasure of a picnic meal on the shaded seating.



Dave King said...

I am full of admiration for both of these, but having myself just attempted the first, especially for that!

Jackie Jordan said...

A well-written, macabre poem. Eerie! Great job!

Daydreamertoo said...

I think the worst thing we (as humans) ever have to learn is, when to let go of our love. To me, it is the hardest things I've ever had to learn to do. But, your piece has captured it so well here by telling it from 'the other side' so to speak.
What a lovely write and, read.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

to let go of the love is the hardest thing to do... i am struglling on that myself. nice one!


jabblog said...

Excellent 'Revenant' - we should all take note!

Brandee Shafer said...

I love it that you made him wanting to leave through that open door.

Chronicles of Illusions said...

yes - letting go can be so difficult

Trellissimo said...

Love and let go, is usually good advice...

Isabel Doyle said...

fine poem with soul

Tess Kincaid said...

Heartfelt. Nice write.

Anonymous said...

I had the opposite take on this and made my revenant the one that couldn't let go and wanted to keep causing trouble. Well done--I so enjoyed this! I love all things eerie and otherworldly.

Helen said...

Gems ... both of your pieces!