Sunday, September 25, 2011

Plan B Plus

'Plan B'


When we are in our giddy teens
In shabby shirts and faded jeans,
Possibilities abound
Lots of Plan 'A's can be found.
'I'm going to marry lots of money',
'I'll be a comic.....very funny',
'I'm going to climb Mount Everest',
'I'll be more beautiful than the rest',
'I shall be a politician'
'I'll be a famous dietician.'
But most of us, it seems to me,
Have to fall-back on Plan 'B'.
You realise, at a certain age,
That you're not going to make it on the stage.
That great Australian novel, you found,
Never quite got off the ground.
You married Ned with the squeaky voice;
There wasn't a great deal of choice.
That virus that you, sadly, caught,
Meant you'd never be an astronaut.
There are those that live their dream,
They plot, they plan, they fiercely scheme,
But even those so-envied folk
Often find that life's no joke.
Broken marriages, and ill-health
Often dog those blessed with wealth.
What we have to do, it seems to me,
Is approach our second-best, Plan 'B',
As though it were an ideal life,
Not just a teacher, just a wife,
And then we may find out one day
That all along it was Plan 'A'.


A Flib cannot digest it's food
Unless it's cut in pieces,
And then it likes to share the lot
With its nephews and its nieces!
They sit around the snipty trough
All wary with their flerkins,
And tuck their snops beneath their chins
So as not to stain their jerkins.
The flib takes out a snarping tool
To cut the plog in sections,
The juice runs out all zumpling goo
And flows in all directions.
The rudest niece cries out 'Me first!'
And  the Flib gets quite irate.
'I'll podge your snup, you skiddy girl.
You've got to learn to wait!'
At last, all served, they grab their garks
And splug and squib and squeal!
Then, big and fat they all go 'Splat!'.
Oh what a lovely meal!


Giggles said...

Your poem as usual rings so true! If only way back then we knew!
Love them both. I'm such a fan of rhyme..

Hugs Giggles

Margaret Gosden said...

If we had life to live over again, would it make any
difference, I wonder. Whatever we turn out to be
good at seems to prevail in the end and, if we are that
good, we will be remembered, either by family or by some niche in the world that reveres our oddity.

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

teen times is playful times.

wit grows then, great take.

Granny Smith said...

How can you pack so much humor and truth in one skillful verse! I'm laughing while shaking my head in agreement.

Dee Martin said...

first wisdom and then foolishness - and I loved them both. You are amazing :)

Mike Patrick said...

A wonderful poem in Plan B, Rinkly, penned with the insight of experience. Plan A is the clearest of dreams, Plan A, a foggy reality. Would that we could live in dreams.