Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Snapshots



Father's Day today and Spring is in the air!
Two special reasons to be celebrating.
Two little boys in the daisies and a family photograph.
I have to grab the chance when we're congregating.

 Harry and Max, our son Greg's boys.
 Greg, Max, Me and Malcolm.
Rebecca, Harry and Rebecca's son, Blake.
The two in-laws are missing. Michelle didn't come and Brian took the photos!
I wanted one long photo but I couldn't find one that wasn't spoilt by someone! So I've taken the best from the two ends!



So little done, so much to do!
The hours in every day too few!
My list grows long and ever longer!
If only my will-power were much stronger!
'I'll write some letters'...that's the plan
But then I see dust on the fan!
'I'll do some dusting!'.....then I look
And see the cover of a book!
'I'll read a book!..... then I feel tired!
I'll lie down till I feel inspired!
I wake! 'I'll make a cup of tea!.....
Then another meme I see!
'I'll do some blogging!'......telephone!
So hours are spent on a friendly moan!
'Discipline yourself!' I cry
As another hour goes by!
It's evening now! 'I'd better cook!'...
But no! I browse through the cookery book!
There's only time to prepare a snack
Before the man of the house comes back!
'I'll look busy!'....... the cutlery drawer!
I'll tidy it! No time for more!
I scatter cutlery on the table
And look as exhausted as I'm able!
'What a day I've had! See! I've Spring-cleaned!
I've been working like a fiend!'
But he looks round (just like a man)
And says 'I see dust on the fan!'


Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Very funny ADD-themed verse! I can relate.

Susannah said...

Lovely family pictures! but who is the doggy? :-)

Love the rhyme, it sounds like many of my days!

Thanks for linking to I Saw Sunday and thanks also for your comment on my blog - I gave you nostalgia for an english harvest, you have shared spring in the air! It certainly makes for a smaller world, doesn't it?

jabblog said...

Lovely family photos - there's a strong resemblance between you all.
As for your verse - well, I think we can all relate:-)

Jinksy said...

Best not to look for dust - it always finds you, anyway! LOL

earlybird said...

Happy family pics and I laughed at the verse. i can identify with most of that procrastination. I'm an expert at it.

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful family photos, but your verse aptly describes most of my days. Doesn't everyone do the same?