Saturday, September 10, 2011

In The Pink



Maxine! You look in the pink!
Why ever is it that you think
That you need so much medication
To prolong your healthy situation?
Worrying about ill-health I'm sure
Invites the doctor to your door.
My attitude is very simple....
If you consider every pimple
To be a dire and ghastly threat
You'll toss and turn and fume and fret
And think yourself into malaise!
Too much worrying never pays.
If every little ache and pain,
Bruise and rash and stress and strain
Makes you rush for another pill,
You'll be thinking yourself ill.
Get up from that cosy bed;
Go for a good long walk instead.
Maxine, heed my salutations.
I'm off to swallow my medications.



I think it's rather odd, don't you,
That little boys are dressed in blue,
While little girls in pink are dressed.
The reason? I have never guessed.
Mind you, I think it has its uses;
The colours give us no excuses......
Should a baby look like 'Fred',
If a pink bonnet's on it's head,
We know it's of the feminine gender
Delicate, sweet, and rather tender;
And.... should another look like a 'Sue'.....
If its bonnet's coloured blue
We give it a tractor for a toy!
Blue? It's bound to be a boy!
The colour-coding gives us the clue;
Pink is a girl and a boy is blue.


Kay L. Davies said...

Great advice, Brenda. The very painful bottoms of my feet are feeling better, and soon the weather will have cooled off enough to allow me to walk the dog, so I've bookmarked this page to remind me. :o)
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Elaine said...

What a great poem for Maxcine and us older folk. I wish we could do without some of our meds