Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Non-Existent Cat



Do you see a shadow-cat
Sitting in the tree?
I promise you it wasn't there!
It's a mirage! Trust me!



I am sure Maxine, like many old dears
Has to cover up her ancient ears
When she hears the really terrible noise
Called 'music' by young girls and boys!
Does she cower down inside her room
As their cars drive by with their 'Boom boom boom'?
Every 'song' sounds just the same
To the ears of this so past-it dame!
As for tattoos, they're quite obscene!
And yet the 'wearers' seem to preen!
They seem quite proud of the inky scrawls
That are like graffiti on city walls!
Even a rosebud on a shoulder
Is going to look strange when a girl grows older.
Then there's the all-over sort.....
I cannot think of a retort
To express my positive dismay!
I simply turn my head away.
True, when the time comes for confessions,
I admit to youthful indiscretions
But mine have died the death discretely;
Now they've disappeared completely!
Tattoos are something made to last!
They'll still be there as time goes past!
Imagine the ink in all the crinkles!
Tattoos overlaid with wrinkles!
As for the hearing! All that din
From songs about sex and lust and sin
Will have brought on deafness with the years.
As mother said 'It will end in tears.'
Oh well! As the Bible says 'So be it!'
At least I wont be around to see it!

It's Tulip Time in the Eastern Highlands, so we joined the devotees and journeyed there yesterday. The journey was long , but the coach was extremely comfortable and I had the pleasure of Bev's company most of the way. Here she is on our arrival.

The climate in the area is very un-Australian and our day was made even more 'English' by drizzle and chilly winds. The greyness was not good for photography but it was very atmospheric and we were all quite happy with it. We all oohed and aahed over exotic flowers such as bluebells, tulips, daffodils and forgetmenots!

Bev took this when we first arrived.

We visited some lovely old homesteads with beautifully manicured gardens, which were, even so, quite woodlandy. 

The bluebells were a nice surprise. They were in clumps everywhere.

Everything was very misty-moisty and lush. 

The gardens were lovely. Here I am wrestling with a bag, a wrap and a camera case, with the drizzle threatening any minute.

One could have imagined one was in an English Park.

The weather made us quite homesick for the UK. Here's Malcolm under his brolly. 

The parrots prevented the complete Anglification.

Even in the town there was a profusion of flowers. This wisteria was lovely outside a shopping centre. (But that also grows on the coast.)

All in all a great excursion, marred by the lunch arrangements. We went to a Club which was catering for multiple tulip-watching coaches and it was rather a bun-fight!

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