Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Boy Friend

Today's question, 'What song would you sing if you could not speak?'

You say 'If you were singing, what song would you choose',
Well, the fact that am in a Choir, provides some little clues.
We're rehearsing songs from 'The Boy Friend' to sing later in the year,
And most of these songs are 'oldies', that we now very rarely hear.
The show comes from the 50s, but it has jazz-age appeal,
And all the songs are boop-de-doop, with a certain 20s feel.
'You're never to old' is a favourite, and it's circling in my mind,
The words are very appropriate for old ladies of my kind.
So, if you could use a stethoscope to listen to my brain,
You'd hear a tune from 'The Boy Friend', a hauntingly sweet refrain.



Your handwriting can be the key
To your personality.
Are you better? Are you worse?
You'll glean a little from this verse.
Lesson One you'll see below;
Which traits does your writing show?
Writing can lean to left or right,
According to the way you write.
A right-hand slant means communication,
 Friendly or as manipulation.
A left-hand slant means great reserve;
To speak to others takes some nerve.
Upright writers tend to be
Independent of society.
Check your writing! Become aware
It lays your personality bare!

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