Saturday, September 24, 2011


suggests the word PACE.

Six letters, six words, six lines

(An Acrostic)

Perhaps it is going to happen
And if it does what then?
Can I cope with the pressure
If it all goes wrong again?
Now I nightly pace the floor,
Guessing what may lie in store



'Cross my palm with silver!' so they said in days gone by;
Gypsies in the Fairground, who chance to catch your eye.
'Let me tell your fortune!', 'Your palm holds all the clues!
'Come on, let me read your hand! What have you to lose?'
And we'd cross their palms with silver, and hold our hands out wide,
And let them trace the lines thereon, for what had we to hide?
So they started with the life-line, that long arc to the thumb,
Saying 'Look at this! It clearly shows you've many years to come!'
'Your index finger indicates strong qualities' they said;
'An upright middle finger? Independence lies ahead.'
If you were a female, they'd turn your hand and linger
Over the little lines they saw beneath the little finger;
These clearly indicated the offspring you'd produce!
There were so many things the palmist could deduce!
I once dressed as a palmist; it was at a local fete;
And many were the outstretched palms I had to contemplate! 
I didn't believe a word of it so I merely fabricated,
But my customers believed me and the stories I created!
'There are more things in Heaven and Earth' .....of that there is no doubt,
But palmistry's a 'sleight of hand' that we can do without!


Anonymous said...

I like the anticipation of the acrostic and the humor of the second. Nice!

Melissa Camara Wilkins said...

We never really know, not really!

This whole post is so clever, so fun to read. :)

Keia said...

anticipation of what lies ahead...

Love your use of the word Pace.