Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mistaken Identity

limits our characters!


'Bert's the name
Off to the game!
This means
No zebra genes!
I won't go to
The local zoo!'
Despite his rage
He's in a cage!
Big shame!
No game!
 (160 characters)



It started out as a feeling
As I lay there in my bed.
I gazed up at the ceiling
Knowing overwhelming dread.
I knew that I was suffering
From some terrible malaise
Which would carry me off in agony
In only a matter of days!
I felt my forehead! It was hot!
But I shivered all the same!
No doubt I'd caught a bad disease,
But I didn't know its name.
I dragged myself, very bravely,
To Google my dread disease,
'Let me die of it quickly!'
This was one of my pleas!
What if I had a nasty growth
Which grew into my liver?
I sat there at the computer;
All I could do was quiver!
Was it cancer or arthritis,
Or a block in a vital tract?
Was I heading for amnesia?
Was it a vitamin I lacked?
The diseases that were listed
Were dreadful in the extreme;
Dying in awful agony
Seemed to be the theme.
My fear grew into an anguish!
'I'd better make my will!'
'I hope it isn't that one!'
'Oh! That one's nastier still!'
Then I turned to 'hypochondria';
That sounded pretty grim!
If I'd got that my chances
Of recovery were slim!
Yes! That was it! Hypochondria!
I liked the sound of it.
I braced my shoulders to face the world,
And suddenly felt quite fit!


Monkey Man said...

Thanks for playing along with the Sunday 160. You don't have to use the photo as a prompt, but I love what you did with it just the same.

Alice Audrey said...

Ah hah! I'm not the only one who thought zebra.