Sunday, September 25, 2011

Those Were The Days

has given us the first line from the well-known song

(To the tune of the same name.)

Verse: Once upon a time we were so wealthy,
Money flowed like treacle everywhere;
We were told that greed was very healthy,
For, after all, we all had cash to spare.

Chorus:Those were the days, my friend,
Oh how we used to spend,
The credit cards were used up to the hilt.
We shopped at top boutiques,
For we were fashion freaks,
And we felt not one little bit of guilt.
We said our grateful thanks
To those delightful banks
Who gave us credit without any qualms.
We simply got in debt
Bought all that we could get
And just ignored the sounding of alarms.

Verse: We were spending, spending without thinking,
Because it gave us such a lovely boost.
How we loved to hear the coins clinking!
Our chickens didn't seem inclined to roost.

Chorus: We bought the this and that
Our wallets felt so fat,
We so enjoyed that shopping therapy.
We loaded shopping-carts
At all the shopping-marts,
And simply shouted out a loud 'Yippee!'
The warning-signs were there,
But we just didn't care,
We were the Lords of all the Universe.
We were so fancy free
Drunk on prosperity,
And things, we knew, would not go in reverse.

Verse: Money flowed and still it kept on flowing,
The graph was pointing upward every day,
But everyone was borrowing and owing,
And things just couldn't carry on that way.

Chorus: These are the days, my friend,
Our wealth is at an end.
Our empty pockets tell the awful tale.
The banks played fast and loose
And they have cooked our goose,
And everywhere we see the sign 'For Sale'.
The hard years lie ahead.
We view with angst and dread,
The time that's sure to be a lengthy phase.
And when we're rich again,
Let's temper all our gain
And hope that we have all learned better ways.



Joe's waiter brought his food to him and oh! For goodness sake!
The waiter's thumb was planted right on top of the steak!
A greasy thumb on top of a steak! No wonder Joe was riled;
In fact, I would go further, he went completely wild!
'Take that dirty thumb off my steak!' he yelled 'It's quite obscene!
In fact it's the nastiest practice that I have ever seen!
I'll report you to the manager! Your thumb is really dirty!'
Replied the waiter 'Hey! Hang on! There's no need to get shirty!
I've got to keep my thumb on it! Don't be such a pain!
If I don't hold the steak firmly it will fall on the floor again!'


Mary said...

Your "Those Were the Days" poem was very singable! (And on target.) If you'd get it to the right producer, it would probably be a hit. LOL.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Your response to the Carry on Tuesday prompt is most apposite to the times in which we live... and very musical too. Who knows, with the right singer, it could be a hit!

Jinksy said...

I've yet to reach the sublime state of having enough money to spend it like water! LOL