Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Self Gratification



Clearly, everything you write
Will not be greeted with delight.
Some may find it balderdash,
Some may say you have panache.
Fate cannot ever guarantee
Everyone liking what they see.
Some readers may be nauseated
And think your words are over-stated.
Others may cherish every word
And say the critics are absurd.
Write for yourself! You're sure to find
One or two of a similar mind.
You can't please everyone, that's true
So make a point of pleasing YOU!


Acqua di Parma! Surely that's ham!
(Which shows how ignorant I am!)
Who would want to smell of bacon!
(Surely you'd find yourself forsaken!)
Parma Ham! Not too alluring!
Even if the ham's been curing!
Imagine the man of your dreams, my dear,
Looking keen and hovering near!
Imagine him sniffing behind your ears
And suddenly bursting into tears!
'I hoped for carnation or, maybe, rose!
But now you see I'm holding my nose!
What next, I ask, have you in mind?
What other perfume will you find?
Rotten eggs? Or creosote?
Scent from the droppings of a goat?
I'm not prepared to take the chance!
This is the end of our great romance!'
But then I Googled and I found out
What Acqua di Parma is all about!
It's a perfume that's unisexed!
(Goodness! What will they think of next?)
Ladies wear it, so do men!
Good for the cockerel, good for the hen!
They say it's fresh, a sort of Cologne,
Something I really should have known!
So you're safe to dab it behind your ears
When George Clooney arrives! Three cheers!
Though, of course, he might get vexed
When he finds out you are unisexed!

cherish guarantee nausea


Margaret Gosden said...

I aM pleasing me as I work on my political slam! It gets better every day!

Alice Audrey said...

Definitely write for yourself. You're always the first, and sometimes the only person to ever read it. Why write what you don't like?

Great use of three words. I hope you'll check out my attempt.

Mary said...

Yes, i agree with you. I write for myself. If our writing pleases ourselves and one or two or three others, that's success. Probably other people will read what a person writes ONCE; but the poet will read his/her work innumerable times. Who/ what is more important? (The answer is obvious to me.)

Sheilagh Lee said...

Both poems are excelent The first is so true write for yourself if others like it its a bonus:)