Sunday, September 18, 2011


Nothing is ever easy; life is like a maze.
There are so many twists and turns, so many different ways.
You start out going somewhere and then you change  your mind;
Or else you suddenly realise you've left your purse behind.
The bus breaks down, the train is late, you fall and hurt your knee;
You wander in the garden and you get stung by a bee.
You buy a special outfit, very up-to-the-minute,
And then you find that Alice Spink is looking pretty in it.
Even in your cosy home Life catches you unawares;
You go to write a shopping list....ah, your glasses are upstairs!
'Life wasn't meant to be easy' some famous person said.
That's proved on a daily basis, so get it into your head.


(This piece actually reflects sincere long-held beliefs.)

Don't get me started! I've a passion
For spelling in a simpler fashion!
Children are Spell Bound when in school!
Years of drill! It's all too cruel!
A child has a creative mind
Until it meets the ties that bind!
Forty sounds! That's all it takes!
Forty sounds for goodness sakes!
Teach them when the kids are small;
In no time they can learn them all!
Then they can write and feel so clever
Writing anything whatsoever!
I have proved it and I know!
Some are fast and some are slow,
But all can benefit from the ease
With which they write anything they please!
Don't get me started! I'll get vexed!
But it's coming. Look at
Mobile phones have led the way.
Simplified Spelling is here to stay!
(I will now rewrite the above in Simplified Spelling , my version.)

Dont get me started! Iv a pashn
For speling in a simpler fashn.
Childrn ar Spel Bownd wen in scool!
Yeas ov dril! Its orl too crooel!
A child haz a creativ mind
Until it mets the tis that bind.
Forte sownds! Thats orl it taks!
Forte sowndz for goodnes saks!
Tech them wen the cids ar smorl.
In no tim thay can lern them orl!
Then thay can rit and fel so cleva
Riting enething wotsoeva!
I hav proovd it and I no!
Sum ar farst and sum ar slow,
But orl can benifit from the ez
With wich thay rit enething thay plez.
Dont get me started! Il get vecst!
But its cuming! look at
Mobil fons have led the way.
Simplifid Speling is heya too stay!


scape said...

ahh yes, but it's the surprises from the twists and turns that make it all 'life'

Anonymous said...

Easy seems to be bringing out common themes from the posters. I enjoyed your poem and the simple brings out your accent, doesn't it?

Dee Martin said...

I loved both pieces - it does seem sometimes that o can skate through life, at least making it LOOK easy while I seem to trip over every little where are my glasses??

As to the second piece, I work in a high school and it seems that kids who struggle the most with assignments are able to figure out the most complex video games and ways around the system that blocks inappropriate sites!