Monday, September 19, 2011

Blue Heelers


Though not, in reality, blue, these dogs display a tone
Which has a certain blueness showing through.
They are Australian cattle-dogs, bred to keep the cows in check,
And they are named for the useful job they do.
They are called 'Blue Heelers' because they nip at heels,
Something  cows make sure that they avoid.
They are tough, reliable and fast and very easily groomed
And they show their feelings when they're overjoyed.

And here are Blue Heeler puppies, with Red Heelers alongside,
All of them so eager for a feed.
Cute when they are babies, hard-working when full-grown.....
All in all a very worthwhile breed.



A criss and a cross and a mishmash of shadows beneath chairs
As they stand to attention neatly in fours and threes and pairs.
They look out over the Wetlands where all is wild and green;
Where the fluttering wings of the ibis ruffle the springlike scene.
Where the reeds grow in profusion, tangled and all awry,
And the little waves on the water are raggedy and spry.
A duck dives under the ripples and beads of water spray
A cockatoo springs up from a branch, and, flapping, flies away.
But the chairs stand to attention, waiting for the meal to start.
There, among Nature's flurry, they're forced to stand apart.

for a great prize.


Kay L. Davies said...

Wonderful dogs. I'd take one of those puppies any day, if I had the energy for raising a puppy. Lots of work, especially with a working dog. They really do need to be busy.
Love the poem with the shadow shot. Wetlands are so important, but developers and governments in Canada don't seem to care.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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SmilingSally said...

Aren't they cute? I've heard of them, but I've never seen them.

Happy Blue Monday to you, Brenda!

Kim, USA said...

Like the color of that dog ^_^

Blue Eyeball

Annesphamily said...

Oh what a wonderful blue! I love those blue heeler. My niece has a doggy that is a mix. She is silver and white but part heeler. So sweet! Thanks for sharing. Anne