Sunday, September 25, 2011




The trees have not yet greened themselves,
For it is early Spring,
So we're grateful that azaleas
Already start to sing.



The lady in blue is weeping. Let's imagine her distress.
The picture does not give us clues so we can only guess.
It would have been so easy to paint a ravaged face,
The eyes red-rimmed and blotchy, devoid of charm or grace.
The artist could have shown a mouth distorted and awry,
The lips grimacing in their grief, or opened in a cry.
The lines of the body are graceful, the blue of the dress is pale;
Everything is in keeping with a sad romantic tale.
But we are left in darkness, and we cannot discover
Whether she's lost a handkerchief or her one beloved lover!


eileeninmd said...

I love your pink azaleas. They are so pretty and are so colorful. Lovely poem and great photo. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Margaret Gosden said...

She seems to be leaning over two dangling thin legs and feet. Might not there be a clue here, I wonder?

Tes said...

Love your azaleas -so generous with their blooms!

Arija said...

Spring is here with a vengeance. Great azaleas and rhymes.

Míriam Luiza said...

Eu gosto de azaléias rosa!

Míriam Luiza said...

Eu gosto de azaléias rosa!