Saturday, September 17, 2011

Against the Trend

asks for an Autumn song to the tune of 
'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'!


Autumn's very far away;
It won't arrive till after May.
In the Southern Hemisphere
It's the Springtime of the year.
I shouldn't write this song because
I live in the Land of Oz.

A Sonnet

Oh watering-can , thou succourer of the flowers,
Left, hastily, upon the garden wall!
Built sturdily to freshen garden bowers
And make the hollyhocks climb up so tall!
She left you, as she hastened to a lover,
Half-filled and ready to be poured!
You waited, but, in time, you would discover
Mere metal is no match for one adored!
The leaves enfold you now with soft caresses,
As though they feel a certain sympathy.
But Nature, ever outwardly progresses!
Soon you will be enveloped by a tree!
You will be lost for ever, in the greenery.
No more a well-loved part of garden scenery!


Lynn said...

Love it, hope spring is treating you well:@)

jabblog said...

These are lovely celebrations of approaching warmth and growth and the delights of garden paraphernalia.

Nonna said...

So clever and perfect for the prompt !
We in the Northern Hemisphere tend to think it's going to be the same season everywhere. I have blog friends in several places in the Southern Hemisphere so I know better...enjoy !!!

Debra Gray-Elliott said...

Wish I could join you..

jfb57 said...

Oh how clever! I love it & it's great to get the different weather for the season!

There's a picture prompt here if you fancy it!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

A good one! Sometimes you forget people all over the world are reading these! Fall is my favorite season but coming into Spring is always great! I love the photo.

Judie said...

You're so clever! Living in the land down under, this prompt came a little early for you! Very original take on the prompt!!

Cheryl said...

Awesome use of the prompt. Had to turn it upside down to make it work for your world.

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

This is great.

Ames said...

That was pretty!~Ames

Susan Anderson said...

Nice twist!


Deborah said...

A wonderfully clever SC, I loved it :o)

and the sonnet is simply brilliant!

cj Schlottman said...

This is such a nice change from all the autumn stuff. I personally like spring better! I enjoyed this very much.


Viki said...

How cool was this. I never even thought about it not being Autumn all over. Enjoy your spring.

Dazee Dreamer said...

awesome. I loved it, and I'm a smidge jealous that you are going into spring

Jenny said...

I love that our seasons are upside down to yours!

Beautiful imagery...and the bottom work? Wow. That was amazing, too!

Happy Thursday!

Hope you get time to fly a kite...that's what we do here in the Spring anyway!