Tuesday, March 8, 2011


supplied the illustration.


If those redoubtable Men of Harlech
Had ever taken to munching garlic
Would their horribly pungent breath
Have scared their enemies to death?


First comes the mockery.
Then comes the pity.
And most importantly,
Comes the admiration.
Maybe he lives on the street.
Maybe he has no-one to love him.
Maybe he is growing old.
Maybe he is feeling fragile.
But he is not giving-in.
And the cure is colour!
Bright scarves,
Flowers on the hat,
A decorated accordion.
And, at his feet,
The rainbow colours of his xylophone!
Surely he plays
'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'.
Surely he still hopes
For the Crock of Gold.
When he goes,
As go he must,
He will explode like a Catherine Wheel!
Colourful to the end.


Martin said...

Their breath would have made thier enemies think twice, that's for sure!

Laurie Kolp said...

Cute poser!

Laurie K.

L.A Speedwing said...

I like your rainbow resolve piece. It is sensible and sensitive.

Anonymous said...

Great treatment of the magpie...very clever. vb

Anonymous said...

LOved the perspective on the rainbow one. Wonderful to come up with that catherine wheel...it sounded like fresh burst of colors with a fragrance.

Lyn said...

A new weapon in warfare..I'll buy that..also liked the other colorful poem , too!

izzy said...

I think my husband would complain less if I cooked it! thanks.

gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful post!

I really like how we get so many ideas out of one photo. Everyone interpreting it differently.

viscous time

Unknown said...

Absolutely...and all they'd have to say was HHHHello, we're from HHHHHarlech

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Wonder who won the battle of bad breath?

Kavita said...

I have no doubt that the men with the garlicky breath would've scared the enemies out of their wits!! In fact, the enemies would've run away, never to return!! :))
Enjoyed your magpie, Brenda!!

And Rainbow Resolve is such a moving read.. I hope he finds his treasure (**tears**).. With his grit, I am SURE he will!

Trellissimo said...

Harlech's garlic exhalation
would frighten men of any nation.
They'd seek a different kind of heaven
't other side of the River Severn.

I just HAD to reward your ever-funny poems with a tribute of my own.

Helen said...

Both poems .... beautifully written. I especially enjoyed the Rainbow Resolve photo ...