Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dark Horse

(An Acrostic)

Dazzle was never the word for you;
Always hiding yourself from view;
'Retiring' that was the word we said;
Keeping aloof, inclining your head.
How is it you suddenly come to the fore?
Our opinion has changed since days of yore!
Recently you have found your voice!
Suddenly you now state your choice!
Externally you look the same
But we realise you are in the game!


It was dark.
The lights of home
Were pricked out like stars.
As we approached they grew to moons;
Small moons that were friendly.
Then the sky began to flush
With the excitement of our arrival
The ship slid past the bridge.
The flags waved at us.
The black buildings
No longer loomed.
Gradually they threw off their cloaks
And turned
To give us a creamy welcome.
The water ceased twinkling
And smoothed its silk.
Faint voices drifted to us
From the quay-side.
The workers seemed less aware of the drama
Than the sky and the sea!
They whistled, shouted.
The spell was broken.
Day dawned.

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