Sunday, March 6, 2011


chose 'accidental'.


Those unaquainted with a certain isle
Will merely smile a puzzled smile,
Seeing nothing but a cloud,
A sort of shapeless, whispy shroud.
The trace of serendipity
Is only in the eyes that see
Something meaningful in vapour
Now recalled in print, on paper.
I see the British Isles because
That's the place where I once was.
It seems a happy accident
And yet nothing  at all is meant.
It is a nothing, as am I,
One of us floating in the sky.
'An accidental map!' we say.
Then it dissolves and drifts away.
Nature itself is always blind;
Happy accidents are in my mind


(Apres mois le deluge' or something like that!)

People carpeting the earth!
Ranting, rioting, giving birth!
Everyone fighting for a spot!
Daily hotter and more hot!
If we go on as we're going
Courting disaster, never slowing,
Then the earth will boil and roast.
As for us, we'll suffer most.
Because of avarice we will die.
Life will merely pass us by.
Everyone will cease to be!
(But I'm eighty! Lucky me!)


jabblog said...

What a wonderful cloud - well spotted!

David J. M. Samson said...

When I saw the photo in my reader, I immediately thought "Ah, Scotland!"

A tiny bit homesick, though life in Oz (I emigrated in 2009) is good...

Margaret Gosden said...

My attention was caught - the shape seems to be in reverse - perhaps another accident.. any way, I started to read it from the last line up, and it still worked, as a verse! Feeling like a sausage machine can apply to
blogging, too, so cheer up and be diverse!

Amanda Moore said...

very whimsical lots of fun to read. I liked you acrostic as well!

Harshad Mehta said...

Happy accidents, yes, they remain in mind. Beautiful poem.

Anonymous said...

A really entertaining read :))
bless you :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fun prompt.
Love your poetic interpretation of poetic clouds.

The Write Girl said...

Thanks for the inspiration on this week's OSI. I enjoyed your take on the prompt. You had a winning acrostic as well. Can't get over this last line "But I'm eighty! Lucky me!". Love your wit and humor :)

aayanman said...

Thanks for the prompt - sometimes some words jsut touch a chord somewhere inside.

Enjoyed reading your poem - sometime i wonder, how much of our lives are n our control, yet only, fortunately, few accidents result in a dead end - but the numerous others compliment each other.So a series of complimentary accidents actually become a design.

Jingle said...

smart piece..