Saturday, March 19, 2011




Inevitable separation
Gives the lie to the very word.
No lovers are truly inseparable;
The idea is absurd.
How ever closely-knit you are
To the one that you adore,
There are clearly many, many times
When one walks out the door.
The desire not to be separate
Is another thing again;
To be so utterly dependent
That each parting gives one pain.
One can, I suppose, be conjoined in thought,
And some have learned the art;
To be 'together' mentally,
Though physically apart.
The other side of the coin
Is less pleasant than one would wish!
To be apart though together........
That's a very different kettle of fish!


The passion for pre-history
Is something of a mystery.
I refer, of course, to certain little boys.
Why should the little threes and fours
Be so entranced with dinosaurs
Preferring them to all their other toys?
I can't see the attraction here!
There's not much interaction here!
Not much to cuddle that is very sure!
And yet I see Triceratops
Is much preferred to lollipops!
What's the attraction of a dinosaur?


vivinfrance said...

You never disappoint me, Rinkly - two very different poems, different moods, but each compulsive reading. Thank you.

Tilly Bud said...

I enjoyed both of these. My own boys were dinosaur mad for a long time, so that one struck a chord.

I love your literal interpretation of inseparable in the first poem.

Meryl said...

Both beautiful poems. And how true. You are so right that healthier relationships are those that are not inseperable...and what is it about those dinosaurs. With my son first it was dinosaurs...then trains...planes...and superheros.

Thanks for the thoughts,

Mr. Walker said...

I enjoyed your exploration of "inseparable" - and I have two actual boys and one inner boy who likes dinosaurs.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

cute take..

Unknown said...

You created a soothing, rhythmic piece here. A song. I really enjoyed both the melody and the profundity of the lyrics.

Here is mine: