Sunday, March 6, 2011

Arrested Development

suggested the first line.


A girl who took pride in her style,
Thought she'd wear nothing else but a smile.
She was so double-breasted,
She soon was arrested,
But she's bought a new bra for her trial!



It may look like a phone-box, an old-fashioned one at that,
But a very famous Gallery is what you're looking at.
The people of Settle, Yorkshire, wanted somewhere to show their art,
So they chose an unused phone-box to play a vital part.
Here is someone important, cutting the ribbon with flare
To show that the Settle Art Gallery is well and truly there!
The first exhibition was of postcards; something small seemed to fit the bill.
And the people rallied round and brought their artwork with a will.
'The Guinness Book of Records' signed them up post-haste;
For it was a record way to stop an icon going to waste.
The grand old telephone boxes have surely had their day,
But the 'Gallery on the Green' has used one in a perfect way


Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Very funny! I'm so glad you've participated in another of my Limerick-Offs.

Deborah said...

I LOVED the Limerick and what a great idea with the telephone box!