Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Secret





I'm attempting to discover
The secret of a successful cover.
The main ingredient, it seems to me,
Is to portray the Secrecy.
At least in the case of a famous book,
Which hardly needs that extra 'hook'. 
Here I offer just a sample.
The one above is one example.
Here we focus on the key;
Always a symbol of Secrecy.

Here the expression on the face,
Reveals the joy of a secret place.

Here we feel the girl is pining
For a place where the sun is always shining.

Here there's emphasis on colour
But the world outsude is not much duller.

There's an air of magic about this scene.
And secret trees that are ever green.

Here the bird takes pride of place.
See the joy on the visitor's face!

This cover is boistrous and everyday;
Just little children at their play.

While here the girl's not animated;
The secrecy is understated.

Sombre hues add a ghostly touch
But the garden isn't featured much.

And here is the one that I like best,
Head and shoulders above the rest.
No sign of a girl or a secret place
No sign of rapture on a face.
No keys, no other-worldly doors;
No mystery to give us pause.
But, ally that picture with that title
And this one captures something vital.
It doesn't give the game away.
Instead, it simply seems to say
'All is not as it may seem;
Enter the world of a secret dream'.
Choose your own, but it seems to me
This one captures Secrecy.



A thousand blossoms fell today.
They lay there on the ground,
Still full-blown in a spring-like way
Though blemishes could be found.
Maybe the slightest tinge of brown,
Maybe a bruise or tear,
Maybe we saw them fluttering down
Looking neither rich nor rare.
There was nothing left for them to do
Except curl up and die.
But wait! Their beauty shines anew!
Admire, as you pass by!


vivinfrance said...

Lovely. Where did you find all those different covers? Your poem is amazing. I'm not sure that I agree about the last one - it's too cozy and safe. The story really hinges on the secrecy.

Salem Lorot said...

You whipped it up. I love the rhymes and your keen sense of observation ( and humour) lol

Christine said...

Your talent has captured my heart since this book and the book Mandy by Julie Andrews, swept me away to another world in those early girlhood years so long ago.

rebecca said...

The Secret Garden was my daughter's favorite book as a young girl growing up. I loved how you found all these different covers! Wow, did not know there would be so many cover interpretations!

Unknown said...

I SO enjoyed looking through the cover art. That one has inspired to many gorgeous images. My take on then prompt is rather dark:

Mike Patrick said...

I never read the book, but I did watch the movie. It was captivating, just like you poem.

Gloria said...

I love this!!! I had no idea there were so many different covers for The Secret Garden. I thought my personal favorite was the top one, but I've been persuaded to the last. ;) Great job finding them all as well as the fun write. You are so clever and creative!

Anonymous said...

This was really good...and well researched!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

fun secret poetry, the list of books are very well crafted on the covers...