Thursday, March 10, 2011


We are asked to use the words in blue.


I hid within a hollow oak and peered into the night,
When the moon was in its glory and all the stars were bright.
And there I saw Titania, with all her retinue,
Playing among the fairies 'neath a sky of midnight blue.
All was in perfect harmony upon the grassy green,
And never before had I beheld such a strangely haunting scene.
So dainty were the fairies that they seemed but gosssamer-light,
So abandoned were the bodies as their flesh lit-up the night!
I entered in the spirit of this magical array,
And in a state of abandon I danced the night away.
Then I awoke still tied, alas, to my heavy human frame,
But I had known a glory that I cannot even name.
Oh world of dreams, you tantalise me, with your might-have-been;
Each night I long for my return to the realm of the Fairy Queen.


Cute little dolls! Such cute little dolls!
Colourful, cuddly, the lot.
They were in a shop window and I passed them by,
Attracted to them on the spot!
Not really authentic, I'm sure, yet it seems
The beads were authentic enough.
And the rings round the neck? Surely those, in the flesh,
Would make life quite incredibly tough.
Imagine an itch you're not able to scratch!
Imagine some grime you can't reach!
Imagine a larynx so twisted and stretched
That it does funny things to your speech!
But, below, you can see how the whole thing is done;
How the little girls start with one ring
Then increase the number until they're like Mum,
And they sport the ultimate thing!
Maybe I shouldn't judge! It could be they're OK
With this 'torture' as it seems to us!
But I know for a fact that I just couldn't cope!
I'd make a most terrible fuss!



Jae Rose said...

The world of dreams and fairies - the best place in the world ;) Jae

Altonian said...

Oh, what a beautiful poem. It is such a shame that many of our loveliest experiences end up having been dreams. I dream a lot, and regularly wake up to a sense of let down and disappointment.

VL Sheridan said...

Oh, what fools these mortals be! A beautiful poem.

Sheilagh Lee said...

The world of fairies lovely and the dolls.I really enjoyed both of htose poems

Old Egg said...

I really loved the poem, it was so tantalizing that I looked for you in the painted which one was you?

Anonymous said...

Great job....perfect topic for the three-word. Thanks for forcing me to Google "Pi Day" that's funny! vb

Ren said...

Oh that's so sweet! Love it :)

patcegan said...

I lovelovelovelove your poem. So whimsical, so charming. I also enjoyed your write about the neck rings. I too find it appalling right along with tiny Chinese feet. Why have women accepted this tortures for so long! hugs, pat

Ramesh Sood said...

It really comes to you so easily..spontaneously.. love your poems and how they flow..