Friday, March 11, 2011

Well I Never!

An Alphabet Book is an infantile thing
We read at our Mother's knee!
So an Alphabet Book that is based on Skulls
Seems very odd to me!
'Anapsida' is a goodly word
And it certainly starts with 'A'.
'Bone', of course, is an easy one;
With 'B' I'm on my way.
'Cartilage'? Yes, that word will do....
A 'C' word was required.
Then 'Diapsida' (you all know that).
For 'D' I've been inspired!
'Ethmoid', now there's a crafty one;
Yes, 'E' was rather tough.
'Frontal' for 'F' was easy........
But I think I've done enough.
So I leave the choice to you, my friends....
Take the book down off the shelf
And read it, or, as an alternative,
Finish this rhyme yourself!


Robbie was drunk! Quite impossibly so. And he stood with his key in his hand.
Then he looked for the key-hole and found it was there! He'd found his way home as he'd planned.
But the key wouldn't fit or the hole was too small! He was mumbling and fumbling away
When Constable Smith who was out on patrol just happened to come round that way.
Robbie looked quite suspicious, of that there's no doubt, with his brain full of holes like a sieve,
And Constable Smith spoke quite firmly to him..... 'Are you certain it's here that you live?'
'Of course I live here! Have a go with my key and you'll see for yourself that it fits!'
Said Robbie, who though he was feeling quite rough, was still in control of his wits.
Sure enough when the Constable tried-out the key it fitted the door to perfection.
So 'Come in!' said Robbie, quite pleased with himself, 'I'm sure that you'd like an inspection!
See, this is my table, and this is my chair; my kitchen is just through that door!
That photo up there is my old Auntie Flo. And, upstairs, I can show you much more!'
When they got to the bedroom the policeman exclaimed 'Well, Robbie, now who might that be
In bed with your wife?'
 Robbie thought for a bit and said
 'Well I never! It's ME!'

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maryt/theteach said...

Love the book cover, Brenda! Your poetry is alwas interesting and fun! :)