Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just My Cup Of tea

Before I was a grandmother I used to fantasise
About having a little granddaughter, with curls and great big eyes.
I thought about 'her' dresses, I thought about her name;
I really thought that little boys would be very hard to tame.
I pictured 'her' at ballet, or playing the violin;
I really thought that little boys would make a lot of din.
I thought about the toys I'd buy, all pink and frilled and fluffy.
I really thought that little boys would be a bit too scruffy.
But now I have three grandsons I can very clearly see
That little boys are wonderful, and just my cup of tea.



Somebody's counted up to twenty!
I can see a face!
I can see a grandson
In a favourite hiding-place!
Somebody's feet are running!
Someone is on his way.
If I gaze up at the tree
I'll give the game away!
Now the leaves are rustling,
Much more as the hider wriggles.
Found! When playing hide-and-seek,
Never get the giggles!

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Carolyn Ford said...

Your "cup of tea" is adorable. What a cute photo!