Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Different sort of Passion

asks us to be 'passionate',


Passion makes the world go round. Without that primal drive
None of us, not a single one, would be, as we are, alive.
Body seeking body; an animal exercise,
Even though, as humans, we're advanced and pretty wise.
But that's not the only passion that makes the world go round.
Enthusiasm's 'passion', at least so I have found.
In our procreative days, bodily passion rules,
But the other passion takes over as the primitive passion cools.
And it's that very passion that makes living such a joy,
Once we're no longer taking part in that drama 'girl meets boy'.
I have a passion for writing; I'd have scorned that long ago;
'To think she calls that 'passion'! What does the old girl know!'
That passion, in the morning, makes me spring out of bed,
Eager to write or else to read what others may have said.
And that translates to an attitude of enthusiasm for all things;
A deep attachment to living that from a deep well springs.
How fortunate that, in old age, that bubble, bright and round
Is still there in the stratosphere, blowing happily around!
I sincerely hope I'll go on like this, in an youthful, giddy fashion.
(As to sex, good gracious me! Did I call that passion!)

(An Acrostic)

Heaven must be blue and sunny
Except the evenings, which are pink.
All is sweet, as sweet as honey,
Very charming I should think.
Even though it's heavenly
Never save a place for me!


Harshad Mehta said...

Sex is just one primitive outlet for passion to live. Many beautiful outlets to live that energy are there. So well said in this poem.

Geraldine said...

A lot of truth spoken here, nice work!

LOVE the photo too.

Anonymous said...

An impressive lesson of and for thoughts. Thank you.

Please have a good new week.

daily athens

ms pie said...

love the idea of heaven being pink in the later hours...

Amanda Moore said...

I really love reading your work it always makes me smile. Approaching 50 I can understand the shift from one passion to another and how important they are in our lives to keep us driven to live, The rhyme was great but it also just made so much sense to me. I also loved you heaven acrostic it was heavenly LOL

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful each poem
passions they do change, but indeed make the world go round.