Sunday, March 13, 2011


asks us to use the words in blue
Home Thoughts From Abroad by Clifford T Ward
"I could be a millionaire if I had the money."


If I were a millionaire I'd be quite commonplace.
Millionaires crop up each day, some sinking without a trace.
The world's now into billionaires and they're not even rare!
Click on 'Moscow billionaires' and count all they've got there!
Even I know some millionaires! I think they're ten a penny.
To think that they all have so much, and others haven't any!
I don't begrudge the clever man, the real entrepeneur,
Who risks his all on a great idea and causes quite a stir,
Raking in the money, more than we'll ever see,
But 'the gap' is quite obscenely wide, or so it seems to me.
The 'tithe' idea that people had in simpler days gone by
Could work quite well in our modern times. Why not give it a try?
If everyone had to pay a tenth of everything they possessed,
By means of taxes, poverty would be speedily redressed.
The billionaires would pay much more than all the huddling masses
And then things might improve a bit for all the lower classes.
Above you see a toilet seat made out of solid gold.
(Pretty chilly to the bottom, at least that's what I'm told.)
No-one needs a thing like that! Not even a billionaire!
I'm going to carry a placard saying.....
'Life Should Be More Fair!'



Down at the Olive Tree Markets on a Saturday in Spring
There was quite a rush,
Almost a crush,
As each searched for 'that little thing'.
And the shadows were stirred like a pudding underneath all the scuffling feet.
And we met and talked
And sat and walked
And life seemed very sweet.


Gloria said...

Here, here and Amen!!! You are right on target with this one my friend! Well done! (Sorry about all the exclamation points...I get excited.) ;)

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

thoughtful as always.
beautiful entry.
Happy Sunday.

Judith C Evans said...

Well said! Thanks for this commentary on the lopsided state of our economy--maybe one day we'll try this idea. Have a great week!

Amanda Moore said...

I just knew you would write something clever!Love the golden toilet as well!LOL

Unknown said...

You wrote a fun prose-poem. I like the current references, the flow and the way you pull it all together at the end. Nice.