Saturday, March 26, 2011



A work of art in progress.
A delicate careful touch.
The sort of shot that pleases
A Grandma very much.
An Easter preparation
All organised with care;
A little Blake in an apron
Sitting upright in his chair.
What an array of colours,
Everyone sure to please!
Lucky, lucky Grandma,
With such happy memories.


The time's flashed past since this picture of Max at the age of two,
When approximating words was all the speaking he could do.
He delighted in his 'mowo'; it was his pride and joy.
And everyone would chuckle as they watched the little boy.
His passion for lawn-mowers was much in evidence then,
And he'd mow his daddy's back lawn again and again and again!
Back and forth and back and forth he'd trudge for quite a while
Ending the whole procedure with a wide and beaming smile!
Not only that but a 'thumbs-up' that made everybody laugh
And rush to get their cameras to take a photograph!
Is it already so long ago? The time has gone so fast!
And the memories of Max at two are already in the past.
It's only just a moment since Max became alive
Yet now he's a chattering person and this year he'll be five!

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Lois Evensen said...

Just darling. :) What sweet children. Yes, time does fly.