Monday, March 21, 2011

Full Moon

                     Teri Sloat

Flowering in the dark blue sky
Up there with the stars on high,
Let your light beam on us all
Lest we stumble and we fall.
Magnificent, against the blue;
Overhead, yet near us too.
Only the sun gives greater light;
Night without you would not be bright.


Oh Virginia! Virginia! That you should come to this!
A tea-towel in your name! What degradation!
Surely someone, somewhere has been very much remiss,
Placing you in a domestic situation!
You'd rather be off 'To the Lighthouse' or to Sissinghurst, perhaps,
Or merely in your study, busy writing.
You'd surely find this travesty a really tasteless lapse,
Though we might find its nuances inviting.
Were you alive, I wonder what your attitude would be
If you entered Shirley's kitchen and espied
This item which speaks loudly of crass publicity,
Something I'm sure you just could not abide!
It's a very pretty colour, I think you would admit,
And at least your name is proudly on display,
But I feel you'd be quite haughty and purse your lips a bit
Saying 'Kindly throw the wretched thing away.'


Mel_Cole said...

Your poems made me delightful!
My Blue Monday post

SmilingSally said...

You're so talented . . . why, I'll bet you dream in rhymes! Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Brenda.

Eden said...

Love the poems. Thank you for sharing.