Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's All In The Tone



It isn't just the words alone;
The trick is mastering the 'sarky' tone.
Practise with the words above,
But don't say them like words of love!
Of course, the 'AND' is pretty telling,
Making the message quite compelling.
And the key-word, 'AREN'T', must be emphasised
So the hearer knows he's been chastised.
So much said with so much brevity
Without the slightest hint of levity.
She doesn't even need to say
'You haven't lifted a finger all day!!!!!!!'

Quasi is a robot who's able to converse!
(I wonder, can he also write silly things in verse?)
He's an anthropomorphic humanoid! How's that for a title?
Of course he has to be programmed! That's absolutely vital.
He's a lot clever than us because his googly eyes
Not only register pleasure, anger and surprise,
But they also change their colour according to his mood!
Compared to his our human eyes are really rather crude!
His eyes can swivvle up and down, the lids can move as well,
So he can be quite expressive when he has a tale to tell!
His antennae have been programmed in the manner of dogs' ears;
He can wiggle them according to the various things he hears.
His speech has been recorded, so this aspect is slim;
We have to gauge expressions if we want to speak to him.
I think that he looks rather sweet, in a robotic way.
But 'Give me a real-life squeezy man!' that is what I say!


Ramesh Sood said...

This is very well written..

Anonymous said...

yes...the tone is very important...!!

Ramesh Sood said...

What a lovely depiction of the word..Sarcastic.. beautifully done..

Linda Jacobs said...

Love that cartoon and your words are perfect!

Teri said...

Hysterical! Were you looking in our window?

Jim said...

Ah, a man and his remote!
Nice put down here, Brenda. :)

Now that Quasi, I think he for sure wouldn't be much fun to squeeze.

Amanda Moore said...

Thanks for the laugh thank goodness I don't see this in my house!

gabrielle said...

It's all in the tone--but looks as if he may be tone deaf...

Christine said...

The tone never works in my house, so I don't bother anymore.