Friday, March 4, 2011

From A to Z

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See how creative you can be
When you're designing an ABC!
Pencils.....yellow, orange, red....
Each with a most unusual lead.
Someone's carved with the utmost care
The alphabet that we see there.
But I'd love to know the history
Of these old pencils that I see.
The metal bits have received a chew;
I can see the tooth marks showing through!
The erasers have been used and used,
Some quite rubbed-out and abused!
The coloured paint has been chipped and scraped;
Not one pencil has escaped!
What tortured tales each one could tell
Of  the pupil who never learned to spell;
Of the lover who couldn't quite design
Anything better than 'Please be mine';
Of the criminal with ill intent;
Of the debtor when the money's spent.
See the writers in a row
Biting, chewing, writhing so!
These pencils are a compilation
Of every human situation.
Forget the clever  ABC!
Here you see human history.


(An Acrostic)

Round and round humanity marches
Emerging from eternal arches
In an incessant catch-up game,
Never escaping praise or blame
Can it be you've been courageous?
Are your sins just too outrageous?
Rated! That's how you will be!
Neatly labeled A.B.C.
And can you bear to face the fact
That this wont be the final act?
It may be you'll come back a bug
Or a slippery slimy slug!
Next time I do this earthly tour
I'll watch my Ps and Qs for sure!



Another happy melodrama day yesterday. This time we had our full complement, but a smaller audience.... a group called 'The Retired Friends'. They seemed a little subdued at first but they soon entered into the spirit of the thing with a will and were qute prepared to make fools of themselves at our instigation. They plied us with tasty sandwiches and cake and fruit afterwards. We have performed 'Unhand Me!' so many times now that I think the play may have to be retired!

Four extremely lively 'dead bodies'!

A special one for Ross who played the 'Virgin' very realistically.

Me adjusting 'Poor Old Peg's 'shawl.

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