Sunday, March 6, 2011


'We had to start with the phrase in blue'

Everything depended upon this single card.
It should have been so easy and yet now it seemed so hard.
For twelve long years on Valentine's Day she'd sent a card to him,
But no response was forthcoming; the future was looking grim.
She'd signed herself 'Anonymous' throughout the twelve long years,
And the result was always sad, with her in floods of tears.
But today she signed herself  'Louise' and added her address.
And here he was coming up the path! Oh joy! Oh happiness!


Some look at offerings such as this
And think the plate resembles bliss!
They salivate with rounded eyes
And a look of greed they can't disguise!
Gateaux fill them with desire,
Setting taste-buds all a-fire.
Cakes with icing make them drool,
They long to taste each molecule!
'Gimme Sugar!' is their cry.
'If I don't get it I shall die!
Let the syrup stain my fingers,
So that the residue just lingers!
Let me lick my lips awhile,
Savouring my sugary smile!'
I find such attitudes extreme!
I am repelled by clotted cream!
I stand by, not understanding
The dreadful sweetness they're demanding.
Although I might appear most rude,
I'd reject the pictured food.
Strawberries I like quite well,
But only when au naturelle!
You can keep  'sweetmeats' such as these.
All I want to eat is.............CHEESE!


Deborah said...

An excellent SC, a proper little story, I nearly missed as it wasn't linked into the site, glad I didn't! :o)

jabblog said...

Louise was a patient soul:-)
As for sweet things, I like some but not too rich or sickly.