Saturday, March 19, 2011




This book is in praise of 'the nose', the dog's nose to be precise.
And, truly, it is remarkable, an astonishing device.
You have five million receptors, give or take a few.
A dog has two-hundred-and-twenty million...... rather more than you.
A dog's life is dominated by all the smells around;
That's why he's always sniffing, with his nose down to the ground.
It seems smell is his language, far more than bark or growl;
That's why he aims for trees and fences when out on the prowl.
He smells his old mate's urine and works out 'Fred's been here!'
And the smell of a lady (a canine one) is very, very clear.
In some ways, I envy a dog's life, for look at all we miss;
But, in some ways, I'm inclined to think that ignorance is bliss.
I can think of a thousand people  I wouldn't want to smell,
And smelling every drain around, well, that would be pure hell!
No, let dog's keep their noses; at least we thrill to colour;
They tell me a dog sees mostly grey.
His life must be much duller.
The book above employs a smell system, so that readers can smell the sea etc when reading it.


A parody on a famous song.

When the Deep Purple falls
Over sleepy garden walls
And the ducks begin to gather in the shade.
Then we know that it's summertime.
Life can be so sublime
Here in this deep purple glade.
When the shade from the trees
Paints deep shadows such as these
And all creatures long for burning rays to fade,
It is here that we make our way
When it's a sunny day.
Bliss is a Deep Purple Shade.

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