Saturday, March 19, 2011

Four-Leafed Publicity

Now let nobody imagine that Ireland isn't beautiful.
It is! For I have seen it and it's true.
It's green it's fresh, it's verdant and its people are remarkable;
They're quirky, friendly, personable, too.
And Ireland has its Blarney Stone, its Leprachauns, its Irish Jigs;
Yes, Ireland's all the travel brochures say;
But the lucky streak the Irish ought to celebrate eternally,
Is the Publicist who chanced to come their way.
Who was he? We will never know. Some immigrant, no doubt,
Who recalled his long-lost home as fairy-land;
It was he who thought-up Paddyism, in those far-off days,
And the flame of Irish specialness was fanned.
Now I have been to Scotland and I have been to Wales
And I was born in England, yes, that's true,
They're green and fresh, they're verdant and their  people are remarkable;
They're quirky, friendly, personable, too.
But do we praise Saint Andrew and frisk around in Scottish kilts?
And do we praise St David in like style?
As for poor old George (the Saint) he's utterly ignored;
And Morris Dancing's something to revile!
Yet Saint Patrick makes us all go green on the one day in the year!
We Riverdance our way throughout the date!
Yes, Ireland should thank its Publicist, back in antiquity;
He gave it Marketability on a plate!

(An Acrostic)

Don't even think about it! Use your common sense!
Only fools attempt to break the law!
Never do the wrong thing! You'll be labelled dense.
Traffic Cops are quite quick on the draw!
Every little speeding ticket adds to your regret;
Very soon the burden will be great.
Every fine you have to pay will multiply your debt,
Nothing can expunge it! It's your fate!
To think that you may kill someone or cause them to be maimed!
Heaven help us! Could you really live with that?
If a devil's in you, you must make sure that it's tamed.
Nightmares come from knocking people flat!
Keep you wits about you when you get behind the wheel!
And watch that old speedometer as well.
Break-neck speeds may often feel exciting and unreal.
Over-confidence can lead you straight to hell!
Unless you're stone-cold sober you must never, never drive!
Teetotallers are in charge of their thirst.
It's really much more pleasant if we all can stay alive.
Think about it! Think of Safety First!


Lucy Westenra said...

Very inventive. I especially like the acrostic.

Meryl said...

I just loved Four Leaf Publicity... it is all so true!