Saturday, March 19, 2011

Summer Done


Topic: Summer Fun.


We're asked to write about 'Summer Fun'
But we're enjoying 'Summer Done'!
Here, in Australia, it is cool,
Though warm enough for the swimming-pool.
The summer heat has lost its bite;
We do not toss and turn at night,
The summer's trials have departed
And we're all feeling most light-hearted.
This is the best time of the year
So why not take a trip down here?
This is directed at Mike, our erstwhile guest, who insists on visiting us in February!



Written in response to a prompt suggesting the topic 'The Common Cold.'

Auto-suggestion! Oh what power!
I write at an ungodly hour,
Waking in the depths of night,
Feeling the urge to blog and write....
And what do I find? A Blog suggestion
To write about.....not Indigestion,
But the Common Cold! In a word 'Achoo!'
What a terrible thing to do!
To send infection via a blog!
I wouldn't do it to a dog!
Over the oceans, through the air,
Thousands of miles! It's just not fair!
As soon as I read the fateful word
A reaction very strange occurred!
Almost at once my throat felt sore!
It hadn't felt like that before!
And now my eyes are feeling weepy!
Auto-suggestion! Very creepy.
Oh! There's a sneeze! Oh help! I knew it!
That word 'Achoo!' has led me to it!
A headache now! It's getting worse!
I almost cannot write this verse!
Far, far away, the guilty one
Doesn't know the harm she's done!
Her suggestion has hit its mark,
Here in Australia! Here in the dark!
Oh dear! I'm feeling really ill!
I think I'd better take a pill!
Tomorrow I will feel half-dead!
Goodnight! I'm going back to bed!


Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

lovely take.
beautiful entry.

Anonymous said...

Omg that's right! I didn't even stop to think that some of you are feeling the chill about now :( but you still made wonderful use of the.topic so that's great! Thanks sooooooo much for participating! :) and for the smile this morning :)