Monday, March 7, 2011

Feeling Blue



We feel 'blue'. But why 'blue'.
Surely any colour would do!
Why should such a peaceful colour
Be alluded to as duller,
Sadder, and more distressed
Than red or green or all the rest?
Big blue storm clouds come to mind;
They make us feel more tense, I find.
But is that just a sort of fear,
Brought on by danger lurking near?
Strangely enough, it's in the eye
That the answer's said to lie.
Depression causes the eye to see
Colours much less vividly!
Recovered depressives often say
Brighter colours have come their way!
They remark that the world seems brighter
Once their hearts are feeling lighter.
So, since shadows are often blue,
That must be what's alluded to.
Somewhere, someone, coined the phrase,
Describing one of his 'colourless' days,
When everything seemed dull and shaded,
Drab, depressing, and down-graded.
Maybe he said 'I'm'.
And now the whole world says it too!



Arthur was a miser and Daisy was his wife.
He'd counted every penny and she'd had an awful life.
He was a great deal older and getting short of breath
And it became quite obvious he was approaching death.
The thought of Daisy living on with all his wealth to spend
Really got to Arthur as his life drew to an end.
'You've always done as you've been told' Arthur gasped at last,
'Listen to me, my lady, for I am fading fast.
All my money, all my gold, my stocks, my bonds, the lot,
And every bit of jewelry that, thanks to me, you've got,
Are to go into my coffin in a box there at my feet!
Now, don't forget my orders now! And don't you dare to cheat!'
Submissively, with eyes downcast, then Daisy took her leave;
Saying 'I'll obey. I always have. And you know that I will grieve.'
In due course Arthur breathed his last and his funeral day arrived,
Daisy came in deepest black; the widow who'd survived.
A large box on a cushion lay; it was carried up the aisle
By Daisy who was weeping,( but wearing a tiny smile.)
The box was placed in the coffin down right by Arthur's feet;
The lid was screwed on tightly; the ceremony complete.
At the wake, a friend of Daisy's came up to her and said
'Don't tell me you're still obedient even though old Arthur's dead!
Whatever possessed you, Daisy, to give in to his demands,
When he's been a blackguard all your lives ! No-one understands!'
Then Daisy really smiled, she laughed, 'The truth can now be known!
All I've done is open up a bank account of my own.
I've transferred all his wordly goods into it in my name.
He's buried with a cheque, my dear! Isn't that a shame!'



Lois Evensen said...

Just love that second one. ;)

Christine said...

As a bank teller I see these kinds of people all the time, the sad, and the cheap ones.

SmilingSally said...

Blue has never been sad for me. I may feel glum, but never blue!

Happy Blue Monday, Brenda.