Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chair Talk


'G'day to you, Shadow! Thought, today, we'd have a little chat......
About the manufacturing process.... little things like that.
I must say I'd like your opinion on the reason for my holes!
After all, I'm just for sitting; I have no other roles!
It pains me to think that I was made out of strange left-over bits!
After all, I have my feelings and, when somebody sits,
And then says 'What are these holes for?' I feel I want to scream!
It's not as though I'm part of a set, with a sort of matching theme!
But I've just noticed, Shadow, that you look pretty smart!
It's true! When I see you lying there, I think 'A work of art!'
In fact, I think you're The Answer! For, looking at you, I've found
That my 'raison d'etre' is simply you, lying on the ground!
My holes may be rather peculiar, but my shadow is quirky and fun!
I may look odd on a cloudy day, but, wow, I shine in the sun!



Both Alice and Herbert were sixty. 
They were strolling along on the beach
When a bottle bobbed up right beside them!
It was, luckily, right within reach.
Alice unscrewed the top and 'Hey Presto!'
A funny old genie appeared
With a notebook to hand and a pencil
And a strange little feathery beard.
'You're in luck!' said the genie, politely,
' What good fortune is coming to you!
You may both make a wish  and I promise
The wish that you make will come true!'
'I wish for two tickets!' cried Alice,
'To some fabulous holiday isle.
I'll enjoy it so much with dear Herbert!'
'Here is yours' Genie said, with a smile.
Sure enough in her hand was the ticket
To an island of palm trees and bliss!
But Herbert was not at all happy
With the ramifications of this!
'The holiday sounds quite terrific;
A love-nest right down by the sea,
But my wish is that Alice, who's sixty,
Could be thirty years younger than me!
Poor Alice is looking quite faded;
As for me, well I'm youthful and spry!'
The Genie then grinned and responded
'All right Herbert. You're ninety! Goodbye!'


Margaret Gosden said...

That was a great chat! An interesting take on a shadow shot with holes!

Sue said...

Thoroughly enjoyable and whimsically creative!

Cynthia M said...

I'll never look at a 'holey' chair the same again :) very entertaining x

Unknown said...

Love your shadow shot, and a great take on the chair.

Kathe W. said...

the holes are for air conditioning!!! hahah
Great shadow shot and the little story made me laugh!

Marilyn & Jeff said...

What a fantastic shadow photo and fun rhyme.

Rajlakshmi said...

ROFL at the poem... loved the
ending :D
beautiful shadow shot.

Shadow Shot Sunday

Made By Gen said...

Cool entry. Happy SSS!

forgetmenot said...

Love your creative shot. Mickie

Anonymous said...

Looks like a work of art to me too. :)
Ha, thanks for the laugh.