Thursday, March 3, 2011



'affinity. fidget. mention.'


I feel a great affinity with women of the past;
Those brave souls who took the flag and nailed it to the mast.
Their suppression over time, over the centuries,
Their suffering and servitude, their painful histories.
Those clever women treated as the utterly inept;
Those women who just married and then were merely 'kept'.
They would fidget under the stupid rules that kept them second class;
Their treatment as just ornaments, which made their lives a farce.
Their brain-power wasted over years; their physical strengths ignored;
Mentally chained to kitchen sinks, while all the time their spirits soared!
Not to mention their hard-worked bodies, with children every year!
Could I have been a Suffragette and overcome my fear?
I think I'd have lacked the courage and merely toed the line;
But I thank them for the freedom and respect that now are mine.


Stained glass windows in a wall
Inconspicuous and small,
Blue surround and decoration
With a mood of adoration.
As a choir we sang that day
And, when we were on our way,
I saw these little windows gleam,
With their strong Madonna theme.
I thought how comforting was blue;
Such a very soothing hue.
The elderly could sit and gaze
And think sweet thoughts of earlier days.
While shafts of sunshine pierced the air
And brought some gladness to them there.
An old-age home, quite sad, it's true
But softened with Madonna Blue.


Sheilagh Lee said...

Sheilagh Lee said: both poems are filled with such emotion I love the way you conveyit.Excelent works.

Linda Jacobs said...

Great homage to women of the past!

Old Egg said...

We certainly have to be thankful for the suffragettes as well as the men in history who fought against injustice permitting us to live our lives today in comparative freedom and justice. Yet as you say how much easier it is to sit on the fence while others do the hard part.

Deborah said...

A wonderful homage to women.

Altonian said...

Such beautifully expressed views, that happen to be true, and with which I wholeheartedly agree. Lovely poems!

Dee Martin said...

I am so proud of the women before me and I think you are wrong - I think you would have been a wonderful suffragette - a writer for the cause lol

The poem about the windows is gorgeous too!

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

lovingly - and lovely - words here.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Wonderful poems! An excellent homage, indeed!