Monday, March 7, 2011



asks for something scientific!


I dreamed I was a Martian, with a normal Martian look,
Chancing upon a picture in a Natural History book.
A Human From Outer Space' it said, and I viewed it once or twice,
Because the ghastly creature really wasn't very nice!
It's ears were little curled-up flaps, it had a pink blob for a nose;
It stood up on its back legs in a very curious pose;
It had furry stuff on top of it's head, and also in its ears;
And its eyes were permanently washed by sort of ever-dripping tears;
It's hands were quite deformed with digits, ten of them, all splayed!
Was it any wonder that this 'thing' made me afraid?
I found myself repelled! This creature didn't look like me!
What an awful alien for anyone to see!


Some may build with plaster, some may build with brick,
Some may build with granite, that is very strong and thick.
Some may build with mud-bricks, and some may build with straw,
Some may build cathedrals that fill us all with awe.
Some may build a house of cards, that topples to the ground,
Some were built for all time and the relics still astound.
But all we had was people, not all of them could sing.
But they brought enthusiasm, that so vital thing.
And, as they gained in confidence, their voices grew more strong.
A warble soon became a note that was rich and full of song.
They found that they could harmonise and make the rafters ring;
They very soon discovered what fun it is to sing!
Each one of us was just a 'brick', but we had a great desire
To join, as in a building,
and build ourselves a

Some friends and I had a pleasant lunch at The Beaches today.


Margaret Gosden said...

A wonderful tribute!

Unknown said...

I do a lot of dreaming, but never that I am a martian! You amuse me, again!
Here's mine:

gautami tripathy said...

So good, so good!


vivinfrance said...

Two terrific poems: the choir - I was a founder member of the Seychelles national choir which had no tradition of singing or even of music. I really enjoyed the two years I lived through the transformation from a discordant screech into a joyful sound. Twice in the nearly 20 years since, that choir has come on tour to France - the first time singing in Notre Dame in Paris, and the second in a new cathedral in Evryl. They were marvellous.

As for your alien: that had me shrieking with laughter. I loved your ability to put yourself into the mind of the Martian.

flaubert said...

Very amusing alien poem.
Made me chuckle, thanks.


Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

keep dreaming, you can be anything you want that way.

here is my take:
When Science Becomes Political

Laurie Kolp said...

Lovely poem... I so enjoy your rhythm and rhyme!

Maggie said...

We are quite strange. Terrific take.

Anonymous said...

Flowed read. Vb

Cathy said...

Hmm that might explain we never had any visitor, we are just plain ugly!

Great poem

Deb said...

Ah, to gaze at oneself is so often a fright. :-)

Mike Patrick said...

Two wonderful poems, both of a scientific nature. All science is based on mathematics, so is music.