Sunday, March 6, 2011

In the Shade


And did I prance in those wild, wild waves?
And did I have a glorious tan?
And did I wear a bikini
Hoping to attract a man?
Did I throw a beach-ball
And drink pink lemonade?
When did Time say 'Rest yourself.
Find a seat in the shade'?


They passed so quickly, those lovely days
Between babyhood and childhood.
When communication consisted of
A smile,
A roguish look,
A laugh,
A cuddle.
When a mower was a 'mowoh'
And a whipper-snipper
Was a circular motion of the hands!
When triumph was expressed by raising
The Green Gloves.
And a comical thumbs-up!
The obsession with garden-tools passed.
But, with it, passed
Those lovely days.


Ms. Becky said...

thank you very very much for "In The Shade". the time has come when the earlier mentioned activities no longer hold any interest for me. I rest myself. this has been a wonderful visit. you've alleviated all my guilt for the short time to come. have a glorious weekend.

Unknown said...

Together, these poems keenly address the feelings of a woman of a certain age... gone are the nubile, youthful days; but so many joys have been, will be.

Sylvia K said...

Love sitting on the beach and a great shadow shot! What a cutie in the green gloves! Reminds me of when mine were little! Hope your weekend is going well, Brenda!


made by gen said...

Poems really cute and the pictures are also pretty. Happy SSS!

Kay L. Davies said...

Wonderful, Brenda, both of them. I vaguely remember wearing a bikini, but I could never get a tan. LOL
Seeking shade in which to sit has almost become a full-time job for me, here in the sunniest part of Canada.
And oh, the little ones, and how they grow! And then they want to grow up before they're ready.
I always enjoy your posts, Brenda. Thanks.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Anonymous said...

Cool photos, great words. Thanks for this.

All the best, Boonie

Hey Harriet said...

awww...the green gloves photo is adorable! I have a lawn that needs mowing and a bunch of weeds that need pulling out if that delightful little gardener is free to lend a hand :)

Unknown said...

Great shadow shots, love the little one in the green gloves.

Self publishing said...

This is so fun, and I love your reflections.

Kathe W. said...

that little child is adorable! So cute! Nice poems and photos. Have a great Sunday!

Margaret Gosden said...

We're still waiting for those warm, sunny days, so we can sit in the shade! Nice enveloping shadow!