Friday, March 18, 2011

Stuck in a Rut

Asks us to consider being in a rut.


What is 'stuck in a rut' for some people,
For others is 'cosy and snug'.
Not everyone wants to be flying;
Some are happily under the rug.
Contentment is not to be sneezed at;
Some folk have already 'arrived';
They treasure their placid surroundings
And feel that they've more-than survived.
We needed the never-contented,
The people who kept wanting more,
Who got itchy feet in their homeland
And yearned for a faraway shore.
For these, the said 'rut' spelled disaster,
They were constantly itching to fly,
To create something new, to be famous;
To be 'in a rut' was to die.
Discontent has spurred mankind to progress;
Discontent brought us out of the caves;
Discontent made us reach for the heavens
And set out over billowing waves.
But hold on! Have they brought us too far now;
Have we gone just as far as we should?
Is the search for the bigger, the faster, the best,
Entirely a move for the good?
Maybe now is the time for the slackers,
The people who say 'It'll do'
To say 'Far enough! Let's relax now
And see what contentment can do.
Maybe now is the time to be happy
Without much, and stuck in a rut.'
For they, in the end, may be needed
To stop the whole world going 'Phut!'
(To be sung to the old tune 'Count Your Blessings')

Count the times you say 'Hello!'
To someone new in every place you go.
It is really not too hard to do
It is something nice that far too few do.
Count the smiles that you bestow
On someone new who's looking rather low,
And when you leave you'll look behind and see
What magic's wrought by such a pleasantry.
Count the times you smile and say
Some simple words like 'Have a lovely day!'
If sincerity is in your eyes
You will find that's where a friendly high lies.
Count the times you give a grin,
No matter what the state your heart is in
And when you go to bed at close of day
You'll feel rewarded for your give-away.


vivinfrance said...

These two are wonderful, Rinkly. I've always maintained that contentment is a far better state to be in than ecstasy (small e) - contentment lasts, and is like snuggling into a warm quilt on a cold day.

Your second poem: I didn't need telling, my habit is to smile and chat with everyone, which leads to some interesting encounters.

Anonymous said...

I love this for the prompt "stuck" two-sides of the coin exposed for better and for worse. Lovely

Laurie Kolp said...

Well said, Rinkly. I couldn't agree more... discontentment is the devil in disquise, and a true smile can be seen in one's eyes.

gautami tripathy said...

Right now I feel I am stuck in a rut...

lost in a maze

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

the image on top instantly gives one impression of being stuck ...

there is one way only, going up to get out.

kiddos to you. way to go,

Here is My Entry, Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Contentment is an admirable goal....especially later in life. I must say that was a wonderfully flowing piece....outstanding job. Vb

Mike Patrick said...

There is a lot to be said for contentment. A good woman, a good dog, a roof overhead and enough to eat. Why tilt at windmills?

cathy said...

I agree with you, I wish a lot people would find contentment appeal.

Judy Roney said...

These were so nice to read. I could help with the contentment part, it doesn't take much for me. LOL You are right, we needed those that pursued loftier goals.

barbara said...

I do like the idea that the rut can be cozy. Nice bit of art at the top to go with, too.

Tumblewords: said...

For sure, the balance by the 'sitters' may save the shifting earth.

Unknown said...

You've made some really good points here, in a pleasant, lyrical piece.

Anonymous said...

There are days when a rut sounds enticing...haven't had too many of those lately, but I guess I should be grateful. Enjoyed both poems, Brenda.

Anonymous said...

these are great questions, and i am guilty of always seeking, seeking, seeking. i don't sit still long enough to enjoy and think if this could be where i'm supposed to be. great job with the prompt!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed both poems. I love the conversational tone of the first one, and the second one is so true! xo